We appreciate your time reading this.

First, we understand that most clients have some apps with free delivery on Ubereats, DoorDash, GrubHub, etc
These apps charge 30% of what is called promotion fee for small businesses to sell on their platform.

Our goal is to keep Awesome Delicious Quality Food = Affordable.
To help us offset the prices, you can :

  • Visit us and shop in-store, this also enable us to serve you some extra tastings we cannot do otherwise
  • Shop for exclusive in-store items
  • Catering products cannot be listed online due to the 30%
  • Order Delivery through our app link (same as button above), with one fixed delivery fee of 4.99 we still utilize the drivers from Ubereats & Doordash network (we will pay the rest of delivery cost) and enable us to offer you some extra surprises in your bags whenever possible.
  • Note that pick up is always our most valued option !

Thank you for reading and for ordering with us.

Ask about our catering and group ordering options.